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We are officially making the switch to our new ordering platform Pepper. Please make sure you’re registered and using Pepper by November 15th to ensure a seamless transition! You can visit the website at: loffredo.pepr.app. If you’re having issues logging in, please click “Having trouble logging in” and fill out the form. You can also reach out to customer service at 877-762-1117 or your sales representative for assistance. Thank you!”

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Welcome to Loffredo Fresh Produce E-Services. We recognize that the restaurant and foodservice business is always on the go and gaining the upper hand in your fast-paced environment puts you out in front of your competition. And this is true of our business, too.

So, as your Fresh Produce Partner, Loffredo Fresh Produce is proud to offer you the newest and best of e-Services technology with our brand new online ordering software! With this new technology, you can search our real-time product line for availability - to see just what Loffredo Fresh Produce has to offer your restaurant or retail establishment. The freshest produce, the finest quality specialty & hard to find gourmet choices will put you at the top of your customers mind! So please, be our guest and log on as directed below. However, if you are an established Loffredo Fresh Produce Customer, please enter your customer number and password to place your live order now .

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